2022 Kia Telluride Oil Capacity Information

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Hyundai / Lambda / GDi / G6DN
Displacement - 3.8L V-6
Power - 291 hp
Torque - 262 lb/ft
Oil Capacity - 6.9 quarts
Oil Viscosity - 5W-30
Oil Drain Plug Torque - 32 lb/ft
Coolant Capacity - 12.9 quarts

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- 40% more protection than industry standards with enhanced anti-wear additives that build a bonus layer of defense between critical moving parts within your engine

- Resist oil breakdown 10X better than industry standards with a combination of premium antioxidants that fight oil breakdown and degradation

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- ENHANCED MAXLIFE TECHNOLOGY PREVENTS engine breakdown in extreme conditions with 50% better wear protection than the industry standard

- TREAT AND PREVENT LEAKS with premium seal conditioners to keep oil out of places it shouldn’t be

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- 40% BETTER WEAR PROTECTION than the industry standard with enhanced anti-wear additives, keeping critical engine components safe and preventing metal surfaces from making contact

- EXCEPTIONAL TEMPERATURE PROTECTION no matter the weather with superior viscosity modifiers to ensure oil flows more easily, coats more completely, and resists thermal breakdown even in the fiercest dr...

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- Rapid oil delivery at low temperatures, high lubrication reliability at high and low temperatures

- Long engine service life due to high level of protection against wear, mixable and compatible with commercially-available engine oils

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- Package Dimensions: 2.5 H x 3.2 L x 2.5 inches (inches)

- Fit type: Vehicle Specific

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- Proven protection for up to 10,000 miles

- Engineered for use with conventional or synthetic motor oil

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- COMPATIBLE with Kia Telluride 3.8L 2020, Sorento 3.3L 2019-2020, Sedona 3.3L 2019-2021, Cadenza 3.3L 2017-2020 | Hyundai Palisade 3.8L 2020-2021, Genesis 3.8L 2015-2016, Genesis Coupe 3.8L 2015-2016 |...

- REPLACES FRAM CH11934, HYUNDAI 26300-3CKB0, 26320-3CKB0, PUROLATOR L18179, WIX WL10033

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- COMPATIBLE with Genesis G80 3.8L 2017-2018, Hyundai Genesis, Genesis Coupe 3.8L 2015-2016 / Kia Cadenza 3.3L 2017-2018; Kia Sorento 3.3L 2019.

- OPTIMIZED TO FILTER SYNTHETIC OILS. Designed to maintain performance for the longer oil change intervals on vehicle engines using synthetic oil.

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Changing oil is an important maintenance task for any Kia Telluride vehicle. Oil lubricates and cools the engine, increasing performance and extending its life. The 2022 Kia Telluride oil capacity depends on the specific engine.

However, finding the right oil capacity is only one step of the process. Also pay attention to the recommended oil viscosity and type for your 2022 Kia Telluride as well as the torque required for the oil drain plug.

Browse the charts to determine how much oil your 2022 Kia Telluride takes and check other oil related specifications.